More Beautiful Bright Lipstick by KA’OIR Cosmetics

Keyshia Ka’oir and KA’OIR Cosmetics are known for bright, bold lipstick colors and cosmetics. Check out a few of the everyday colors and new bold shades of Glitzstick and Wet Paint by KA’OIR

Bright, Red Lipstick

Look at two of the bright red lipstick colors from KA’OIR. On top, SNATCHED from the Wet Paint Collection.. and on bottom.. S.T.O.P vibrant red lipstick.

SNATCHED Wet Pain and STOP Red Lipstick by KA'OIR Cosmetics
SNATCHED Wet Paint, STOP Red Lipstick

KA'OIR STOP Lipstick


And look at the signature red matte lipstick by KA’OIR Cosmetics called SHOW OFF by Trina:

SHOW OFF Red Matte Lipstick by KA'OIR


Silver Glitzstick and Silver Wet Paint

Look at the Silver colors from KA’OIR: Silver HEAVY METAL from the WET PAINT Collection and the shiny PLATINUM GLITZSTICK™ on Keyshia Ka’oir’s lips.

Silver Lipstick and Wet Paint by KA'OIR COSMETICS - Platinum and Heavy Metal
Silver Lipstick and Wet Paint by KA’OIR COSMETICS

Check out a silver PLATINUM GLITZSTICK Tutorial by Keyshia Ka’oir:

Mint Green Lipstick by KA’OIR

Look at KA’OIR Mint green lipstick family! On top.. we have #SuperStar WET PAINT…. in the middle.. it’s ExciteMint GLITZSTICK  and on the bottom row… we have the ExciteMint mint green Lipstick … all available at

Mint Green Lipstick Family by KA'OIR Cosmetics
Pretty Mint Green Lipstick by KA’OIR Cosmetics


Everyday Lipstick Colors by KA’OIR

Look at a few of the lipstick colors you can wear everyday by KA’OIR Cosmetics. From left to right: LOVE U Dark Nude Lipstick, CAPRICORN Peach Lipstick, WIFEY Pink Lipstick and NUDITY Light Nude Lipstick.

Everyday Lipstick Colors by KA'OIR Cosmetics
Everyday Lippies by KA’OIR Cosmetics

All of these nude and pink lipsticks are in stock and available at




Navy Blue Lipstick and Glitzstick

Navy blue lipstick is a new trend and KA’OIR Cosmetics is known for its beautiful BLUMARINE Shade in both lipstick and GLITZSTICK versions. Look at both below: