KEYSHIA DIOR in Green Lipstick at DIDDY Party on South Beach

Got the green lipstick popping with the green nails! RockStarrrr Funtimes at Club Dream in Miami :-)

Keyshia Dior at Diddy Party : CLUB DREAM

Keyshia Dior at Diddy Party in Miami  KD Poppin' bottles!

KD workin it in Miami at Diddy Party

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  1. Keyshia girl I left u a message on facebook. Give me a call…. i’ve been going around asking people for u. I asked Buffy, Marsha, and i was trying to get in contact with Fagan. I dont know if you remember when u use to do my hair and u colored it fusia pink and u also we use to party togethr. give me a call my number is on facebook on your page. Im in hair school now…I’m finally there.

  2. Once again, u kicked it without me! When is the next shindig? Lol. I’m there!!!!!!!! Two stylists shutting it down, or u want it all to yourself. Well include me in when u feel like u can’t handle it. Lol.

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