Try the KA’OIR Fitness 14-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan

Eating Right is the Key to Your Weight Loss Goals!

Do you need help shedding those extra, stubborn pounds?!!! KA’OIR FITNESS now offers a 14-Day Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan for all of our Waist Eraser customers & #WaistEraserGang.

A Healthy Lifestyle requires New Choices

Our 14-day, 1200 daily calorie meal plan was designed by our certified nutritionist to offer delicious, realistic & nutritionally balanced meals for weight loss. Best of all, YOU WILL NOT BE HUNGRY!

Keyshia Ka'oir Fitness Results - Waist Trainer
Keyshia Ka’oir Fitness Results

Eat 6 Meals A Day

Our meal plan allows you to eat SIX times per day. This eating schedule will allow you to lose weight the right way….and more importantly, keep it off! Once you balance your daily nutrition intake and exercise calorie burn, your unhealthy food cravings will disappear!!! You will wake up each day feeling more & more energized!

Combine with Waist Trainer + Body Burner

Many of our clients have lost 5-10 pounds their first week. Some have even lost up to 20 pounds their first week by coupling the KA’OIR Meal Plan with exercise!  Incorporating our KA’OIR Waist Eraser waist trainer belt and KA’OIR Body Burner Slimming Cream into your daily routine will allow you to lose even more, additional inches from your waist, stomach & back.


Why Wait? Your Time is Now.

Now is the time to address your nutritional and weight loss needs. Start your journey today, you will feel and look your best. Get that sexy body you’ve always desired with our Weight Loss Meal Plan. Keyshia Ka’oir lost weight and got extremely fit using the KA’OIR Weight Loss Meal Plan and so can you!

Keyshia Ka'oir Waist Training Belt
Just know that YOU CAN DO IT! Check out my waist!! I was a Size 28 when I started creating, testing and using the Waist Eraser™ every day! NOW MY WAIST IS A SIZE 19!