Introducing new KA’OIR BODY BURNER Slimming Cream

Check out the new Weight Loss Slimming Cream by KA’OIR

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New Weight Loss Slimming Cream

KA’OIR’s Body Burner is a topical skin cream that activates with movement and enhances your workout, while improving sweating & circulation. Once you begin your daily routine (workout, walking, chores), you will feel a sweet sweat & HOT, tingly sensation.


This light weight, non greasy cream will help speed up your metabolism, burn fat quickly, sweat excess body fluids and swelling of residual toxins and waste. For sweet, maximum results, combine the Body Burner slimming cream with our KA’OIR Waist Eraser along with a healthy diet and exercise regimen for a trim waistline.


Amber Rose Wearing Her KA'OIR Waist Eraser at DWTS Rehearsal
😍 @AmberRose is #StrappedUp!…. wearing her #KaoirWAISTERASER by @KAOIRFitness at #DWTS rehearsal! #GangUp! #WaistEraserGang

She’s got that #BODYBURNER Ready!! Let’s get it @kiathalibra! #WaistEraserGang🏆

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Waist Eraser Results - Waist Snactched

When you’re #StrappedUp, Loving Life … and feeling REAAL Curvy 😉via #WaistEraserGang🏆