How Did Gucci Mane Get a Six Pack!? 6-Pack Abs!

Looks Like Gucci Mane Got In Shape!

Gucci Mane 6 Pack Abs

This is amazing! Have you seen this?? We all remember the belly Big Guwop used to have! But have you seen his recent instagram and snapchat pics??!!

Gucci Mane 6 Pack Abs Guwop Fitness

How Did He Get a Six Pack!?

That must have been some great advice that Keyshia Ka’oir was giving him!! Tips on Workouts, Eating… He’s even wearing a KA’OIR Waist Eraser to get those abs right!! Look at him go though!

GUWOP Fitness!

Gucci Mane Six Pack Abs in Shape Fitness

Keyshia Ka’oir & Gucci Mane are Both In Shape

They both are looking like they’re in great shape this summer. Check out Keyshia Ka’oir in the pool in Atlanta.

Our day today at the Davis's residence😍 Follow our snap- #KaoirKeyshia #GuwopSnap

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KA’OIR Waist Trainer for Men

Keyshia Ka’oir said on Instagram….”The @kaoirfitness #WaistEraser is UNISEX! It’s a SWEAT BELT! It supports your back for weight lifting! It’s not a waist cincher or a girdle!”

KA'OIR Waist Trainer for Men

“So yes my man is gonna wear it when he works out! Besides So many male athletes uses the #KaoirWaistEraser  – Get one at