KEYSHIA KA’OIR Celebrates SUCCESS with Her Family

KA’OIR Boss, Keyshia Ka’oir took a little time on instagram… and in real life… to celebrate the success of two people who are very important to her.

KAOIR Boss Keyshia Kaoir

Check out the Instagram posts below (via @KeyshiaKaoir):

Family - Keyshia Ka'oirs Cousin - Weight Loss Progress
Ok this is my cousin! I’ve had her on the @kaoirfitness #KaoirWeightLossMealPlan for a few months! She also wears her #WaistEraser everyday! She refuses to work out!!! Not once has she worked out! As most of us are aware your diet is 80% & exercising is 20%! I’m so proud of her! She just told me she never thought she could lose the weight plus her big belly! She’s lost 30lbs! She had 3 stomach roles now she has NONE! Her stomach is FLAT! go cuzzzz!! Let’s call the #KaoirWaistEraser the “miracle belt”blush & the meal plan is the “Light at the end of the tunnel” With determination u will see RESULTS!!! #MealPlans & #WaistErasers are both available at
Family - Keyshia Kaoir Best Friend Birthday
Happy Birthday to my BFF Erica!! (Her no Instagram having ass!) We’ve been best friends since we were 12! This my day one, my ace, my nigga, my partna, my woe!! Yeah y’all get it!! Love u BFF! Have a great day & I’ll see u in a few!!! #WhenUrFriends4SoManyYearsUStartLookingAlike

We love the love!