HAPPY FATHERS DAY: A Letter to My Daddy by @KeyshiaKaoir

Happy Fathers Day to my hero my beloved Daddy. Although you are no longer physically here, I know your here in spirit watching, guiding & always protecting me. You’ve taught me as a little girl to be smart, independent & to be the bossy successful business woman that I am today & I thank U. I pray my husband is a reflection of you father.

I remember when you came home from work & always called me in your room to take off your shoes & I would run to you. I love you so much, I think about you everyday & I miss you dearly. As I write this letter while I’m 37,000 feet in the air  & share your memories with my fans tears run down my face!  Your picture is in my room & bathroom & I look at you every morning when I’m home & you put a big smile on my face☺.  You were a great man who took care of everyone & I find myself doing the same. I often hear “U are just like your Daddy” ( I like to hear that lol)

Happy Fathers Day
Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

I might look just like mommy but I have all your business ways & I know you are so proud of me. Thanks for looking down on me! You motivate & push me to be the best at whatever I do. You’ve always taught me to go after my dreams, goals & to be very confident in myself. I can see your beautiful smile right now as you read my “Fathers Day Letter”


I’ll always be your little princess! Continue to Rest in Peace Daddy❤

Love U Always & Forever,
Daddy’s little girl,

P.S –  I know you love that house I just built over your little bed where u lay☺ LJW

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  1. I Respect You More Everytime I See You Post Something On Instagram & On This Site! Your Parents Did An Awesome Job Raising You! If Ppl Say You Just Like Your Daddy, Then Your Father Must Be Just As Phenomenal As You Are! I’m So Sorry To Hear About Your Father’s Pass Keyshia! He Would Be So Proud Of You Just Like All Your Kaoir Force/Dollz! I Wanna Meet You & Possibly Work For You As A Personal Assistant Someday! Stay Strong Keyshia!

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