Shout Out to all my #DIORDOLLS + #KAOIRDOLLS. We are TrendSetters!!

#DiorDoll #1 - Keyshia Dior

 To ALL my #DIORDOLLS and #KAOIRDolls We  are ALWAYS in the Driver’s Seat! Luv yall!!

#DiorDoll #1 - Keyshia Dior
#DiorDoll #1 – Keyshia Dior (Original Post: Dec 2009)


Post YOUR  Keyshia Dior Mohawk, Keyshia KA’OIR Hairstyle and Lipstick Pics  at

We’ll show the world we ALL are Leading Ladies!! It’s all about CONFIDENCE!


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Be Sure to Get Your Keyshia Dior Lipstick !!


  • Kendra Jaimarie

    Thank u Keyshia for posting my pic!!! Love you:-)!!!!

  • [IMG][/IMG]

  • pynkswagg

    Type in your message…thks KD for adding my pics as u can tell im MOHAWK SWAGG’D UP LOL!!!! luv u!!!

  • Tierra Williams

    OMG! thank you so much for posting my picture. :) …That was my first time ever modeling. Thnx so much Keyshia Dior

  • Miss Nikki

    Thanks Keyshia for adding my pic!!!I’m honored to be appreciated by an beautiful individual that inspires me everyday !!!! MUCH LUV MAMA!!!!

  • thanks soooo much <3 :)

  • gia brown

    how do u post the pic

  • Tiffany

    Who does the keyshia dior hair cut in the washington,dc area real good. i want that cut for the summer. i love all of you gurls hair.

  • chanel


  • Keep doing you thing you beautiful thing

  • just got my hair cut yesterday,! and i went out and everybody kept calling me lex-dior && i didnt even know why until now,! lol

  • TyDior

    I Will Definitely Be Gettinq This Cut !

  • monique

    omg u ladies look fab and i love the look cant were a mohawk cause of my dreads but i will rock the lipstick this summa

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