Shout Out to all my #DIORDOLLS + #KAOIRDOLLS. We are TrendSetters!!

#DiorDoll #1 - Keyshia Dior

 To ALL my #DIORDOLLS and #KAOIRDolls We  are ALWAYS in the Driver’s Seat! Luv yall!!

#DiorDoll #1 - Keyshia Dior
#DiorDoll #1 – Keyshia Dior (Original Post: Dec 2009)


Post YOUR  Keyshia Dior Mohawk, Keyshia KA’OIR Hairstyle and Lipstick Pics  at

We’ll show the world we ALL are Leading Ladies!! It’s all about CONFIDENCE!


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Be Sure to Get Your Keyshia Dior Lipstick !!


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  1. Type in your message…thks KD for adding my pics as u can tell im MOHAWK SWAGG’D UP LOL!!!! luv u!!!

  2. OMG! thank you so much for posting my picture. :) …That was my first time ever modeling. Thnx so much Keyshia Dior

  3. Thanks Keyshia for adding my pic!!!I’m honored to be appreciated by an beautiful individual that inspires me everyday !!!! MUCH LUV MAMA!!!!

  4. Who does the keyshia dior hair cut in the washington,dc area real good. i want that cut for the summer. i love all of you gurls hair.

  5. omg u ladies look fab and i love the look cant were a mohawk cause of my dreads but i will rock the lipstick this summa

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