TRINA “Long Heels, Red Bottoms” Music Video [BEHIND THE SCENES]

Rapper,  Trina shot the video for her new single,  “LONG HEELS, RED BOTTOMS” in South Florida. Trina was looking extra Saucy in the video  and she was photoed using a ‘stripper pole” in the video also.  Trina body looks Banging too as she wears KA’OIR Cosmetics in the video by Keyshia Dior.

Trina Behind-The-Scenes in "Long Heels, Red Bottom" Video

Trina with Derick G in Red Bottoms Music Video

Trina in Long Heels Red Bottom Video  Trina Behind-The-Scenes in "Long Heels, Red Bottom" Video Shoot


Watch Full “RED BOTTOMS” Music Video



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