Keyshia Kaoir (formerly Keyshia Dior)

Keyshia Kaoir (formerly Keyshia Dior)

Keyshia Ka’oir (formerly known as Keyshia Dior) announces name change to stand behind cosmetics brand.

(Miami, Florida February 2, 2012) — Keyshia Dior transitioned her personal brand from being one of the music industry’s most sought out video models to conquering the beauty world as a cosmetics entrepreneur and philanthropist abroadKa’oir Cosmetics, founded by the diva, has ignited passion and confidence inside some of the world’s most beautiful women of color, and is now on its way to reaching the mainstream markets on a national platform.  Keyshia Dior is now…  KEYSHIA KA’OIR  to the world.

On Wednesday February 1, 2012,  Keyshia Ka’oir announced her name change via Ustream to her “KA’OIR Dolls”, Ka’oir Cosmetics customers and supporters.

Keyshia Kaoir (formerly Keyshia Dior)

Keyshia Ka’oir released the following statement

“I have officially changed my name from Keyshia Dior to Keyshia Ka’oir. The continuous success of my modeling career and Ka’oir Cosmetics has truly been such a blessing and growth opportunity. Starting off in the industry with such early accomplishments was a blessing, but this was only meant to be my beginning in my career. With such growth comes sacrifice, so I decided to put “Keyshia Dior” the urban video model successfully to rest and launch “Keyshia Ka’oir” to continue the expansion of my imprint. 

As the role model to young women today and tomorrow, I am excited to be able to represent the brand at full capacity. I want the world to know that Keyshia Ka’oir is Ka’oir Cosmetics. Ka’oir Cosmetics embodies everything a confident woman stands for: we are unique, bold, fresh, fun, seductive, innovative and vibrant in all that we do. Ka’oir Cosmetics represents a lifestyle of beauty, determination and focus in pursuit of success. As Ka’oir Dolls, we are passionate about being our best at all times while setting ourselves apart from the rest at the same time.

I am Keyshia Ka’oir. Beautiful is Ka’oir

About Keyshia Ka’oir:

Keyshia Ka’oir (formerly known as Keyshia Dior) is a model, actress, stylist, & entrepreneur extraordinaire.  She is the owner, CEO and creative force of  KA`OIR Cosmetics, a company that she started in 2011.  Her cosmetic line embodies everything that she is;  it’s bright, young, and vibrant as demonstrated in the KA`OIR commercial that aired nationwide on major cable networks including MTV, VH1, E!, BET, Bravo and Style.  Keyshia “stands out from the rest”, and it is this unique ability that has made her success so impressive.  She’s not afraid to be herself.

Her main focus today is expanding the Ka’oir brand.  As part of her marketing strategy, she recently collaborated with platinum selling recording artist, Trina, who is currently endorsing Ka’oir. Keyshia created a lipstick color specifically for Trina called “Neon Rockstarr” and the fans love the signature inspired color!  The Miami native, with Jamaican roots, is best known for her starring role as “Lisa”, the jealous ex-wife in Timbaland’s mini-movie/ video, “Say Something” featuring the international music superstar, Drake. Keyshia Ka’oir’s personality and drive cannot be confined to just one industry and she continues to defy expectations.

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