Rapper TRINA Visits the BREAKFAST CLUB on POWER 105.1 in NEW YORK

The beautiful Rapper Trina stopped by the Breakfast Club to chat it up with Angela Yee, Charlemagne and DJ Envy. Th interview started off quite normal when Trina started talking about Lala setting her up on blind dates. The interview started to get XXX when it started to go down the road of the question if all men cheat and if penis size does matter.

Trina on Power 105.1 Breakfast Club

According to Trina, she believes that cheating is natural for a man and she likes her men ‘HUGE’ so that he can blow her back out. Alright now. WOW Trina. Dang Girl


Check Out Some Of The interview Below:

On appearing on Lala’s Full Court Life episode

Basically what Lala was trying to show was that I was in a relationship and the relationship was over. Of course, after it was over there’s love; you love a person but you’re trying to move on from the situation.  In that episode, that’s kind of what it was. I wasn’t dating nobody after, we broke up and it’s almost been a year. I was just gradually trying to get out of it, so that’s what Lala really brought out of it.

To send me on a date with a random guy….I don’t really date. I’m not a dater; I’ve never went out on a date …like to the movies or have dinner.

Do you believe a man can be in a committed relationship and not cheat?

I believe a man can be in a committed relationship but they’re definitely going to slide out and do some other little stuff. It’s just natural.

How important is size?

Honestly, if you’re a man it’s nothing you can do if you’re size is just like small. That’s just what you were born with but size to a woman, it matters. If they tell you it doesn’t…  I think they’re telling a lie because you need to have a good size. Something that’s going to bang your back out and make you feel good. Otherwise, you’re going to be looking for something else.

What’s a good size?

Anywhere between…I like an 11. You need something solid to make you stay and to make you be there. Size is very important.

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