Keyshia Ka’oir: How I Met Gucci Mane & How We Made Our ESCAPE!

Check out Pics of Gucci Mane’s fiance featured in Fader Magazine

Keyshia Ka’oir in Fader Magazine Sex Issue

Check out pics of Gucci Mane’s fiance’, KA’OIR Fitness CEO, Keyshia Ka’oir in the annual SEX Issue of FADER MAGAZINE.  In the interview she talks about how she & Gucci Mane met… and what it took to stay by his side in prison.

Story by Myles Tanzer
Photography by Rose Marie Cromwell

Here’s a quick excerpt from the Interview!

Read about how they “made their escape!!”

We knew he was coming out months before other people thought, but we kept it a secret

“We knew he was coming out months before other people thought, but we kept it a secret. We didn’t even really want the lawyers to know, because we didn’t want it in the media. He was in Indianapolis, so we had to figure out how to get through the airport. They’re used to me having a mohawk, so I put some long weave in. I bought him a black jogging suit with a hat and some glasses. He was super skinny, so he looked different. I flew to Indiana two days before and I stayed in a hotel. I asked him, “Do you want security?” He said, “No, that’s going to bring us too much attention.” I rented a car by myself and I drove an hour in the woods. I picked him up alone, then drove us back to the airport in secrecy. Like some shit you see on Lifetime.”

“Gucci didn’t have an ID. His ID just said Federal Bureau of Prisons. At the airport, they were like, “He doesn’t have a driver’s license.” I said, “Well, a federal prison ID is a valid ID to travel because it’s through the federal government.” I had my story together and they were like, “She’s correct.” They searched him more than they would search another person, and then people came up to us and said, “Oh, are you supposed to be the fake Nicki Minaj and Gucci Mane?” People didn’t believe it was us.'”

When we got to Atlanta, we got off the plane on the runway and we had a private service that took us to our home. Then when we got home, that’s when I started posting on Snapchat. That was all my plan.”

That’s a Real Ride or Die.

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