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  • FASHION: GIVENCHY Woven Top + Rabbit Fur PANDORA Bags

    Givenchy released these gorgeous new hand bags, which are very classy and can be worn with an everyday outfit. The brown bag is a Givenchy woven top Pandora bag and the other bag is a rabbit fur Pandora bag.   Check out the photos of them below:

  • FASHION: PHILLIP LIM Pashli Croc-Effect Leather Tote

    I love that tote bags are now coming into fashion. That we have been seeing lately: Louis Vuitton has totes, Givenchy has totes and many other fashion names. Well now….  check out a more recent tote by Phillip Lim. This Pashli Croc-Effect Leather bag is very stylish and cute.  

  • FASHION: Givenchy Nightingale Tote Bag

    This Givenchy Nightingale tote bag is one popular bag among some celebs, quite a few have been spotted wearing it out and about. I don’t blame them, it is very cute and fashionable and I would rock it too. Check it out:


     Nothing can go wrong with a nice pair of shoes and a cute dress. What do you think about these Givenchy Pony Hair Booties which cost $895. They are very cute. Also check out this fashionable Balmain Runway Look 8 dress. This dress is fabulous, the price of it is $29,650.00. WOW I know what you’re thinking, But if you […]


    Check out this hot, cute Givenchy Pandora Bag.  This can be an everyday bag that would be a great accessory to any fashion outfit. Do you like it?  

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