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  • KA’OIR Waist Eraser and New Thigh Eraser Reviews

    Wow! We love seeing all the positive Waist Eraser Reviews! and Now….. we’re starting to see even better feedback for our new KA’OIR THIGH ERASER! Some of our customers are even using the THIGH ERASERS on their ARMS!!!

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  • Waist Gang – How to Start Waist Training

    How To Start Waist Training Waist Gang and Waist Eraser Gang both know the incredible benefits and value of consistent waist training. They know that no matter what…i you put in the work, coupled with great habits, you WILL SEE RESULTS!!  The best way to start waist training is by using the right tools. Investing […]

  • KA'OIR Waist Eraser is a waist trainer for men

    Does a Waist Trainer really work?

    A lot of our followers on @KAOIRFITNESS and @KAOIR’s Instagram accounts have been asking if waist training really works. Check out our latest fitness post